Wednesday, August 22, 2012

module 5

I obtained my DVD for the science fiction assignment from one of my friends. He is a science fiction fanatic and we actually watched the movie together. This helped me out because I did not have to rent or purchase the movie. I think that the competition between DVDs and video-on-demands is a good example of Red Queens. Dr. Thornburg stated that "red queens refer to huge competition between two technologies and, in the process, all other competitors are left behind". This a true statement because both of these technologies have annihilated their technological predecessors. When looking at McLuhan's tetrad I believe that this belongs in the category of Enhancing. I chose this category because these technologies enhance on the previous technologies by providing clearer pictures and easier accessibility.

Thornburg, D. (2008c). Red Queens, butterflies, and strange attractors: Imperfect lenses into emergent technologies. Lake Barrington, Il: Thornburg Center for Space Exploration.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Module 4: The Disruptive Power of Second Life

I believe that Second Life could be seen as a disruptive force because its introduction could cause the displacement of other technologies. In looking at Second Life I must look at it from an educator's viewpoint and I feel that Second Life should not be seen as disruptive but as a tool that can be combined with other technological tools to aid in student success. In particular, my focus is on the benefits of Second Life on special needs students. Some special needs students struggle or have deficiencies in social skills and in social settings. Second Life is the perfect tool to use as a role modeling tool to show them the proper ways to interact with one another in a non-confrontational environment. By utilizing Second Life in the classroom it would allow these students to interact using various scenarios. Second Life could also be used in the general education classroom as well, especially with the many funding issues facing our schools. The use of virtual field trips could be utilized or virtual interviews with people from different parts of the country and the world. It opens up so many possibilities while staying financial feasible. Just as with other technology I am sure that sooner rather than later Second Life will be replaced by a more advanced technological tool in the near future. The key with these technological tools is to use them while they are still current and learn the ins and outs of their applications.

Module 3: Rhymes of HIstory Technology

Dr. Thornburg (2012) describes a rhyme of history as " an affect of new development that rekindles something from the distant past". I have chosen as my example of this rhyme of history the technological tool SMART BOARD. SMART BOARDs are interactive whiteboards that allow teachers to use touch screen components to display information for classroom usage. This tool rekindles the ideas and tools of the blackboard and the traditional chalk board. SMART BOARDS bring the idea of the chalkboard and blackboard into a totally different spectrum by allowing for internet activity embedded in the system and the touch screen capabilities. A decade ago a classroom tool such as this would have been deemed impossible or too expensive for everyday educational use. Now, many classrooms use this tool everyday to bring excitement and interactivity into the classroom. To me, this brings about Kevin Kelly's point in his speech "The Next 5,000 Days of the Web" in which he states that "we have to get better in believing in the impossible". This notion is so true because those things that we once deemed impossible are being used by ourselves everyday. Looking at the tremendous technological gains that have occurred in the last decades I am immensely excited to see what will be introduced into our everyday world next.

 Link to Kevin Kelly's speech

Link to SMART BOARD website

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Emerging technology tetrad

Module 2: Emerging Technology Tetrad
Internet TV


This technology allows for complete combination of TV and internet capabilities. It includes wifi, blue ray disk player and live streaming

This technology takes away the need to attach the personal computer to the television.


This technology brings about the first time that Internet usage was able to be seen on the television. The excitement of this technology is the same excitement as that of the previous product.

I believe that the invention of a touch screen television will be the next technology to replace this technology.


Monday, February 13, 2012

my movie

Wow! This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought but I hope you guys like it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Static versus Dynamic Concept Map

This week we explored the static technology versus dynamic technology. I found this to be quite interesting because I never knew that there were two categores of technology and I never truly pondered on where I fell on the static- dynamic continuum. While analyzing various technologies, particularily those on the dynamic side I realized that the dynamic technologies are the tools that are needed to fully educate our students. In today's world students cannot fully learn by being taught using static technology. The days of straight teacher lectures and reading out of textbooks are becoming obselete. Now, students need to be taught by using all senses and by touching students of all learning styles. For example, a unit on cell division would be much more impactful by using tools such as whiteboards and discussion boards as opposed to teacher led lectures and various worksheets. Students are able to dive into the material in a deeper manner through the use of technology. It also allows for more collaboration and discussion among their peers. I feel that I am a novice on the more dynamic technologies but I am definitely leaning more towards that side than the static side. My plan to move more towards the dynamic side is to become more knowledgeable about dynamic technologies and integrating them into my classroom.

I have attached my concept map to the link below.

Concept Map